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Install a Battery-Backup Sump Pump

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Why use a Battery Backup Sump Pump?

A blackout could leave your sump pump inoperable just when you need it most. So install a system with battery backup

Spring brings more than sunny days and blooming flowers. This is also the season of rapid snowmelt, swollen rivers, and frequent rainstorms that raise the groundwater table and floods basements with alarming regularity. It takes only a couple of inches of standing water to ruin household items, cripple mechanical systems, rust metal fixtures, and rot wooden posts.

Eventually all primary sump pumps fail, for different reasons:

Power Outage – Battery backup sump pumps use battery power to activate the battery backup system during a power outage

 Primary Pump Failure – Battery backup sump pumps will automatically begin pumping in the event of primary pump failure

 Stuck Float Switch – In the case of a stuck float switch, the rising water will automatically activate the battery backup system

 Primary Sump Pump Cannot Keep Up With the Inflow of Water – Sometimes the primary sump pump can’t keep up with the inrush of water, activating the battery backup system in addition to your primary pump

By installing and using a Battery Backup System, which monitors and protects against these occurrences, your basement will remain dry.